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We have a variety of flavours and options ranging from quick bites to deserts.

We provide the best Ice cream for your event. We understand the value of memories that each occasion brings. We provide services for Birthdays, Parties, School events and Special occasions. Or perhaps you are a big co-operation and wants to reward some of your employees. Maybe organize an event for the clients or organize a picnic. Worry not about the ice cream we have got you covered. Maybe it’s a Halloween party or a Christmas event? Whose got the ice cream? Yeah, we have it covered.

We got great staff who are enthralled to meet you and contribute positively for your occasion.

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No event is too large. We can serve hundreds in minutes!

We provide not just ice cream, but flavours for your memories as well. Each event has its flavour. Birthdays, Parties, School events, Special occasions, all these stay in our hearts because they have a special value. Then, let us help you feel that value a bit more, make that feeling a bit more special and memorable

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Chocolate Ice Cream

Book us for your next ICE CREAM event! Because ICE CREAM adds the fun!

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